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It's time for the next generation of railroad ties

Demand for freight transportation is projected to double by 2035. Yet, much of the global aging rail infrastructure is built with wood that requires high maintenance, frequent replacement and the use of chemicals to prevent fast deterioration.

At IntegriCo Composites, we’re committed to building the rail future with the next generation of composite rail ties or “sleepers” made from landfill-bound recyclable plastics. Utilizing our unique patented processing technology, our railroad products outperform others by the most important measure — long life in track. And with our 10-year warranty, we stand behind our products.

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Mission Statement

The mission of IntegriCo Composites is to be the most trusted, dominant and leading manufacturer of composite railroad ties and related products worldwide.

We will accomplish our mission in an environment safe for our employees, and in the highest of ethical fashion while returning value to our shareholders.

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