IntegriCo Composites’ IntegriTies™ provide benefits for all major rail tie applications from the extreme loading conditions of Class I heavy axle load applications to the caustic environment of an industrial chemical processing plant. Key benefits are listed below.

Class I

  • Excellent spike retention.  High compression strength.
  • Longer life cycle in harsh climates
  • Immune to insect infestation
  • Fungus and mildew resistant
  • High electrical impedance
  • Resists rail plate cutting
  • Can be installed with existing equipment alongside wood ties


  • Vibration and noise attenuation.
  • Reduced maintenance benefits especially in critical applications such as tunnels and elevated track.
  • High electrical impedance.


  • Resists damage from caustic and corrosive environments.
  • Less interruption to operations for maintenance.
  • Excellent gauge retention across the life of the tie.


  • Withstands damage from shipping harsh, caustic materials to/from mining site.
  • Less interruption to operations for maintenance and frequent replacement.
  • Built to last up to fifty years in wet, underground, environments.