Who we are and what we do?

Founded in 2005, IntegriCo Composites is a fast growing, Louisiana-based manufacturer of composite products made from recycled plastics. Our patented technology mixes landfill-bound plastics, to create composite railroad ties and other related products that far exceed industry standards for high consistency and structural integrity.

With the release of an improved formula design in 2009, and the start of contract manufacturing railroad crossings, IntegriCo accelerated into high growth mode, doubling sales every year for the past three years. Our install and maintenance record is the key to our success. With this track record, our rapidly expanding list of repeat customers will tell you that we exceed their expectations, every time.

Since 2010, IntegriCo has secured orders in excess of 225,000 composite railroad ties and 35,000 feet of crossings with various railroad and industrial customers. We have demonstrated our ability for producing high-volume, quality made IntegriTies™ and the new production facility in Louisiana will double production capacity.

IntegriCo is improving and expanding the world’s infrastructure, with highly engineered railroad products, while doing our part to protect the planet.

To learn about our products, please email Sales@IntegriCo.com or call (503) 313-4308. You’ll be sure to get a warm welcome.