IntegriCo’s patented technology mixes recycled landfill-bound plastic to create composite railroad ties that far exceed industry standards for high consistency and structural integrity.  Because IntegriCo’s technology uses extremely tough plastic material that cannot be processed by our competitors, our raw material cost is lower than others in our industry.

Superior strength, competitive price

A formulation component of our IntegriTies™ includes cross-linked polyethylene, an extremely tough plastic.  Our specialized, low-heat process preserves the properties of plastic that make it such a good raw material for railroad ties.

How it’s made

We thoroughly inspect and test each delivery of incoming recycled plastic. The bulk plastics are reduced in size through a series of shredders and granulators. Once the plastic is fed through the granulator, smaller, uniform particles are produced.  The plastic mixture is then fed into the patented equipment for processing and delivered into molds. Once removed from the mold, we inspect, measure, X-ray for voids/foreign objects and test each tie to verify compliance with quality specifications.

Process control

IntegriCo’s production facility and process are AAR M-1003 compliant and we use Statistical Process Control (SPC) to ensure that quality is integrated into the design and process of all our composite rail ties. We continually test our products to ensure the highest quality and superior performance. Learn more about our extensive testing procedures.


IntegriCo Composites’ IntegriTies™ meets or exceeds all technical properties recommended by the American Railway Engineers Maintenance-of-way Association (AREMA) Committee 30 for composite cross ties.

Property IntegriCo’s IntegriTies™ AREMA Standards
Appearance Matte Black|Dark Gray n/a
Dimensions (in X in X in) 7 X 9 X (102 or 108) 7 X 9 X (102 or 108)
Weight (lbs) 250-270 185-320
Surface Hardness (lb/.25″ind) 5,500 n/a
Density (lbs/ft3) 68-70 n/a
Modulus of Elasticity, MOE(psi) 240,000 170,000
Modules of Rupture, MOR(psi) 2,700 2000
Compressive MOE(psi) 38,000 n/a
Rail Seat Compression (psi) 2,300 900
Spike Insertion (lbs) 6,800 n/a
Spike Pullout (lbs) 3,200 1,900
Screw Spike Pullout (lbs) 16,500 n/a
Spike Lateral Resistance (lbs) 2,500 n/a
CTE (in/in/F) 4×10-5 7.5×10-5
Composition 100% Recycled Plastic n/a
Life Expectancy 50 Years n/a