Scott Mack, CEO
Scott joined IntegriCo Composites in 2013. Prior to his current position, Scott served as CEO and Director, Business Development for ArmorStruxx INC from 2007 through 2013. ArmorStruxx was heavily involved in the up armoring of over 15,000 critical military vehicles deployed throughout the world. Scott served 20 years in the US Marine Corps in multiple command and weapons testing positions. A graduate of the US Naval Academy, Scott holds a B.S. in Management as well as a M.S. in Operations Research

Brian Arkwood, PE, CTO
Brian Arkwood has been the Chief Technical Officer of IntegriCo Composites since 2015. Brian possesses a diverse background in engineering, business development and project management. Brian has accelerated the detailed characterization of IntegriCo’s finished product while bringing efficiency to the overall production process. Prior to joining IntegriCo, Brian has served as lead engineer on multiple chemical plant upgrade and capital expansion projects. Brian holds a B.S in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Scott Moe, Vice President of Business Development
Scott joined IntegriCo Composites in July of 2015. Scott brings 17 successful years of experience in the wholesale lumber business. Scott was responsible for executing large volume orders for import/export and domestically. While working for Atlas Trading International, Scott formed and managed a very successful Government Contracting Division in 2009. Discovering a need within Government contracting for composite railroad ties in 2010, Scott was successful in securing many multimillion dollar Government contracts supplying IntegriTies™ as well as fulfilling a 3-year 75,000 units order. IntegriTies™, was one of many products that Scott sold to the Government. Scott earned his BS from Portland State University in Advertising Management and Marketing.