Why Composite Ties

Improving and expanding rail infrastructure represents a major capital investment in the future of your business. Why entrust your investment with IntegriCo plastic composite IntegriTies™?

Because IntegriCo plastic composite ties outperform all other materials — from initial cost and installation expense, to maintenance, safety, strength, durability, and longevity.

Long Lasting

Recycled plastic railroad ties have a calculated life over 50 years.1 IntegriCo’s IntegriTies™ pay for themselves after the first deferred installation due to your labor and material savings.

Made from 100% recycled plastic

IntegriCo’s all plastic composite IntegriTies™ are made from 100% recycled plastics.  When using an IntegriCo product, you are rescuing tons of plastic junk from the garbage dump.

Ideal for wet/humid climates

While wood ties have a shorter life span in all circumstances, the difference is acute in wet climates.  Our IntegriTies™ are proven to last up to four times longer than wood ties in certain environments.

No harmful chemicals

Unlike wood products which are commonly treated with creosote, IntegriCo’s plastic composite IntegriTies™ require no environmentally harmful chemicals to protect against bugs, water, or rot. Creosote is a carcinogenic substance whose use is banned or restricted in many countries throughout the world because of the links to cancer.


Not ready to replace all of your existing track? IntegriCo’s IntegriTies™ are compatible with wood tie rail systems and can be installed alongside wooden ties on the track using the same installation equipment and process.


IntegriCo’s composite IntegriTies™ are ideal for all rail applications including Class I, commuter, and industrial.

1Based on accelerated weathering by University of Illinois