IntegriCo Composites

the next generation of railroad ties

Transforming landfill-bound plastics into dependable composite products.


Ethically Driven. Proven to Perform.

Founded in 2007, IntegriCo Composites Inc. is a leader in the composite industrial products manufacturing industry. The company aims to build comprehensive recycling infrastructure, as well as expand its strategic sourcing programs in capturing increased volumes of landfill-bound plastic to transform back into raw material.

IntegriCo’s Louisiana production facility manufactures composite products made from recycled plastics. Patented technology mixes landfill-bound plastics, to create composite railroad ties and other related products that far exceed industry standards for high consistency and structural integrity.


Mission Statement

The mission of IntegriCo Composites is to be the most trusted, dominant and leading manufacturer of composite industrial products. This will be accomplished in an environment safe for employees and in the highest ethical fashion.

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US-based solution for hard-to-recycle plastics

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50+ year anticipated lifespan of composite products

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Composite products retain strength and durability of plastic


80 million pounds of landfill plastics diverted and reused since 2009.


The IntegriCo Difference


Our unique patented composite forming process provides superior strength, impact and crack resistance, durability, and requires no maintenance. In addition to QC and standard testing, IntegriCo has implemented a series of due care tests to simulate potential extreme handling and installation conditions.

Compatible & Versatile

All of our products are made in IntegriCo’s own plant in Louisiana.  Over 75 years of combined experience allow our manufacturing and quality experts to continually test, scale, and innovate high quality composite products that meet our customer’s needs. Our products are ideal for all applications.

Environmentally Friendly

Our formulation uses extremely tough cross-linked plastic material that cannot be processed by others. Our specialized, low-heat process preserves the properties of plastic that make it such a good raw material for railroad ties without harming the environment.


IntegriCo works with post-consumer and post-industrial sources to gather plastic for composite manufacturing, that often would not otherwise be used and instead be deposited into landfills or burned in incinerators. IntegriCo operates a circular economy by offering a solution to reuse plastic and have less waste in the United States.


Superior strength, competitive price.