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Corporate's Role in Environmental Responsibility

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Over the past few decades, many organizations have been required to become more environmentally aware and socially responsible. In today’s climate, companies are taking corporate responsibility to eliminate waste emissions, maximize the efficient use of resources and make a zero waste footprint. Larger companies like Coca-Cola and Nike have begun adding permanent positions to their leadership teams including Directors of Sustainability and Chief Sustainability Officers. 

Among the organizations striving for a sustainable future is Closed Loop Partners, an investment firm focused on building the circular economy. Closed Loop’s investment strategy is to commercialize through Closed Loop Ventures, grow through Closed Loop Fund and scale through Closed Loop Leadership. Closed Loop Fund was founded in 2014 to create economic value for cities by increasing recycling rates in communities across America and building circular supply chains.

Closed Loop invests in every stage of the circular economy which includes consumer goods, collection, sortation, processing and design and manufacturing. Through investing in the expansion of recycling, Closed Loop demonstrates the opportunity to achieve strong financial and environmental returns. Among the many design and manufacturing organizations Closed Loop Funds invests in is IntegriCo Composites. 

IntegriCo’s mission is to be the most trusted, dominant and leading manufacturer of composite industrial products. IntegriCo Composites is making strides toward a circular economy, where products are reused instead of discarded after one use. The composites company uses a specialized low-heat process which preserves the properties of plastic that make it such a good raw material for railroad ties and construction matting without harming the environment.

IntegriCo is an ethically driven brand transforming landfill-bound plastics into dependable composite products. IntegriCo works with post-consumer and post-industrial sources to gather plastic for composite manufacturing. IntegriCo’s advanced technology can process hard-to-recycle plastics that would often otherwise be deposited into landfills or burned in incinerators.

Closed Loop Fund is investing in companies like IntegriCo to demonstrate the opportunity for circular supply chains to create value across the system. Circular supply chains not only reduce costs for businesses, they provide pricing stability and protection for the environment. Business sustainability is essential to the long-term prosperity of any company. Adopting these sustainability principles will create opportunities for organizations to minimize the negative impact their operations have on the environment as well as their community and economy. Visit to learn more about the company’s investments and the work they are doing to promote a sustainable future.

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