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IntegriCo Prevents Ocean Plastic

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Covering 70 percent of our planet and holding 92 percent of the Earth’s water, our oceans play a huge role in our everyday lives. Countries around the world will look to and celebrate our oceans this Saturday, June 8. IntegriCo is proud to honor this day while preventing plastic from entering our oceans through a circular economy model.

The UN General Assembly designated World Oceans Day through resolution 63/111 in December 2008. The observation of the day raises awareness of the vital purpose of the oceans in our world, and to encourage sustainable practices that will protect our oceans for years to come.

The oceans provide humans with oxygen, food, climate regulation, water cleaning, medicine, and more. This is all threatened by pollution into our oceans — including plastic.

It’s estimated that there is around 150 million tons of plastic already in our oceans, and over 8 million tons more is added every year. This plastic breaks down over time into micro-plastics, which are consumed by marine life and introduced into the global food chain. Around 100,000 marine animals die annually from plastic-related causes.

Together we can prevent this plastic pollution. The plastic that ends up in our oceans begins on land, but it can be introduced into a circular economy where it will be reused instead of thrown out.

IntegriCo is one company participating in the circular economy by gathering recycled plastics that would otherwise go to a landfill (and potentially our oceans eventually) and turning this plastic into composite products. This prevents many plastics from becoming waste and turns it into a new product instead.

Protecting our oceans is critical for a sustainable future. With more investment in recycling and circular economy innovation, one day we might be able to eliminate plastic pollution and keep our oceans thriving for generations to come.

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