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IntegriCo’s Impact on Waste Reduction in the United States

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As the summer months heat up, IntegriCo Composites Inc. is improving the world’s infrastructure by diverting plastic away from landfills.  Since many individuals and companies across the United States understand the importance of recycling and the positive impacts it has on our environment, IntegriCo Composites takes pride in transforming hard-to-recycle scrap plastic into new material that is long lasting.

Throughout history, Americans found ways to repurpose materials.  In 1690, a rudimentary paper recycling process was introduced in Pennsylvania which transformed linen and cotton rags into paper.  In 1904, the first aluminum recycling facilities in the United States opened in Chicago and Cleveland.  By the 1920s, the first landfills were introduced and became a popular method of disposing waste.  In 2007, IntegriCo Composites developed better solutions for the accumulation of plastics around the country.

IntegriCo Composites began the journey of building a comprehensive recycling infrastructure in 2007 when the company was formed in Temple, Texas.  In 2009, with the release of an improved formula design and the start of contract manufacturing railroads, IntegriCo’s growth began to accelerate.  “IntegriCo is proud to have diverted over 80 million pounds of plastic away from landfills,” said Brian Gaughan, Vice President of Business Development. “This plastic has been turned into our composite products, including IntegriTies railroad ties and construction matting through IntegriCo’s innovative technology.”

Between 2011 and 2012, grade crossing product line was developed, and large-scale production began to commence. In 2013, IntegriCo moved its headquarters from Texas to Louisiana and closed the Temple, Texas facility in 2015. The Louisiana facility demonstrated the ability to produce high-volume quality made IntegriTies ™ while constantly improving production capacity.  “IntegriCo is just one company closing the loop to prevent plastic waste by turning recycled plastic into new, long-lasting material,” added Gaughan. “As cities struggle for recycling solutions, we aim to keep increasing production of composite materials, so this plastic does not go into landfills, or worse, our oceans.”

Over the years, IntegriCo has grown into a leader in the composite industrial products manufacturing industry and continues to make strides towards a more sustainable future. Through the combined efforts of everyone in the United States, we can minimize waste and move from a linear economy to a circular one by reusing materials instead of throwing them away after one use. If everyone looked for ways to minimize waste, together we can improve the environmental state of our country and take pride in the efforts we produce.

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