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The Benefits of IntegriCo’s Composite Construction Matting

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Construction matting is an important part of any construction job site, used to provide a safe and stable work surface for cranes and other heavy construction equipment. Utility, construction and drilling industries have relied on construction matting to support their heaviest machinery and equipment from sinking into the earth’s various surfaces.

While wood mats have become a popular form of construction matting, wood mats are damaging to the environment and only last an average of three years. As a result of wood mats’ limited lifespans, there is a higher cost to replace the mats over time using the earth’s natural resources.  IntegriCo Composites poses a stronger, longer-lasting and eco-friendly solution through their construction matting made from 100% recycled plastics.

IntegriCo Construction Matting outperforms conventional wood mats with an expected lifespan of 50 or more years. IntegriCo’s matting does not need to be replaced as often as wood mats because the matting retains its unique composite properties making it strong, durable and resistant to damage.  Unlike wood matting, composite matting cannot combust and is resistant to organic growth and insect damage.

Composite matting not only lasts longer than its competitors, it’s more beneficial overall to construction workers. Through IntegriCo’s unique composite material, its construction matting offers exceptional traction in all environments, reducing the chance of accidental slipping. During the winter months, IntegriCo’s Construction Matting will capture and store heat to melt and clear mats of ice quickly so crews can get back to work safely. These composite mats also do not absorb water nor oil, which means there is no cross-contamination from site to site and the mats remain easy to clean.

With everything that IntegriCo puts forth, the company remains dedicated to protecting the environment and operating a circular economy. Approximately 8,000 pounds of recycled plastic is used to manufacture just one mat. To-date, IntegriCo has converted over 4 million pounds of recycled plastic into construction matting. In addition to providing a use for recycled plastics, IntegriCo’s Construction Matting is 100% recyclable itself, eliminating the disposal challenge after the mats are no longer needed.

IntegriCo Composites is working towards closing the loop one step at a time and works with post-consumer and post-industrial sources to gather plastic that would otherwise be deposited into landfills or burned in incinerators. IntegriCo’s composite mats can perform in and protect any environment, for any project. IntegriCo remains a leader in the matting industry and continues making strides towards a more sustainable future.

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