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Construction Matting


With wood construction matting only lasting an average of three years, there is a need for longer-lasting solutions in the industry. IntegriCo Construction Matting not only outperforms conventional wood mats with an expected lifespan of 50 or more years, but IntegriCo Matting is also an eco-friendly option made from 100% recycled plastic from post-consumer and post-industrial sources.

Advantages of IntegriCo Composite Construction Matting

  • No Absorption: IntegriCo Construction Matting does not absorb water or oil. This means there is no cross-contamination from site to site and the mats remain easy to clean.

  • Eliminates Plastic Waste: Approximately 8,000 pounds of recycled plastic is used to manufacture one mat. IntegriCo has converted over 4 million pounds of recycled plastic into Construction Matting to-date.

  • Recyclable: IntegriCo’s Construction Matting is 100% recyclable itself, eliminating the disposal challenge after the mats are no longer needed.

  • Long-Lasting: IntegriCo matting does not need to be replaced every three years because IntegriCo’s Composite Matting retains the unique properties of plastic, making the matting strong, durable, and resistant to damage. Composite matting does not support combustion like wood matting, and is also resistant to organic growth and insect damage.

  • Coefficient of Friction: With IntegriCo’s unique Composite material, Construction Matting offers great traction in all environments, reducing chances of accidental slipping and adding extra safety precautions.

  • Thermal Conductivity: IntegriCo Matting will capture and store heat during winter months, to melt and clear mats of ice quickly so crews can get back to work.

  • Any Application: IntegriCo Composites Construction Matting will perform in and protect any environment, for any project. IntegriCo works with Matting clients to customize the product to fit their needs and specifications.

  • Compressive Strength: IntegriCo Matting can support weights up to 5,500 PSI, making it a leader in the matting industry.

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