IntegriCo Composites




IntegriCo’s patented technology mixes recycled landfill-bound plastic to create composite railroad ties that far exceed industry standards for high consistency and structural integrity. 


Superior strength, competitive price

Because IntegriCo’s technology uses extremely tough plastic material that cannot be processed by competitors, raw material cost is lower than others in the industry. IntegriCo’s patented manufacturing process retains the qualities of plastic that makes it a strong material.

Process control

IntegriCo’s production facility and process are AAR M-1003 compliant and use Statistical Process Control (SPC) to ensure that quality is integrated into the design and process of all composite rail ties. Products are continually tested to ensure the highest quality and superior performance.


IntegriCo Composites’ IntegriTies™ meets or exceeds all technical properties recommended by the American Railway Engineers Maintenance-of-way Association (AREMA) Committee 30 for composite cross ties. Specifications for IntegriTies™ can be furnished upon request. Custom lengths and surfaces available. Call IntegriCo Composites’ Sales today to discuss your project at (503) 313-4308.



IntegriCo Composites’ IntegriTies™ provide benefits for all major rail tie applications from the extreme loading conditions of Class I heavy axle load applications to the caustic environment of an industrial chemical processing plant. Key benefits are listed below.


Class I

  • Excellent spike retention

  • High compression strength

  • Longer life cycle in harsh climates

  • Immune to insect infestation

  • Fungus and mildew resistant

  • High electrical impedance

  • Resists rail plate cutting

  • Can be installed with existing equipment alongside wood ties


  • Vibration and noise attenuation

  • Reduced maintenance benefits especially in critical applications such as tunnels and elevated track

  • High electrical impedance


  • Resists damage from caustic and corrosive environments

  • Less interruption to operations for maintenance

  • Excellent gauge retention across the life of the tie


  • Withstands damage from shipping harsh, caustic materials to/from mining site

  • Less interruption to operations for maintenance and frequent replacement

  • Built to last up to fifty years in wet, underground, environments