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IntegriCo Composites has garnered national and international news coverage through its efforts to reduce plastic waste and create a composite material out of post-consumer plastic. For interview requests or more information, please fill out the Contact Us form. 


IntegriCo Adds Two More of the Largest Railroads in North America to its Customer List, as Demand for Engineered Recycled Plastic Railroad Ties Soars

IntegriCo Composites, a leading manufacturer of high performance recycled plastic railroad ties, today announced that it is producing product for five out of the eight Class 1 railroads in the North America (class one railroads are the largest in the industry).  IntegriCo’s products have been successfully installed from Mexico to Canada, with repeat customers driving high demand for the install of composites crossties in their railway system.

The Company’s near flawless record in track since 2009 has been a major differentiator for IntegriCo and the Company’s performance has given additional railroads the confidence to place IntegriCo’s product in some of their most challenging track.  These class one railroads, after extensive testing and review, are placing significant orders with an expectation that their IntegriCo ties will last 2-5X longer than the wooden ties used previously.  The environmental stewardship is also a factor for some who would prefer to use recycled plastic ties over chemically treated wood ties.

IntegriCo's CEO, Scott Mack, commented, "We are proud to have been selected by some of the largest most important companies in North America in 2014.  The railroads recognize that the real value and savings in IntegriCo’s products resides in the elimination of train delays and curfews.  Due to the IntegriCo tie’s extended life, the railroads are more profitably utilizing their equipment and deploying their crews.  Because IntegriCo’s crossties could easily last more than fifty years, the maintenance of way crews’ life is made easier and the CEO of the railroad can reduce the number of curfews for track work.   The expense of taking tracks out of service are immense for the railroads, and because IntegriCo helps reduce this expense, our railroad ties are driving up our customer’s profitability.” 

IntegriCo Composites, Inc. is a fast growing manufacturer of composite railroad products made from recycled plastics.  Due to rapidly increasing demand, IntegriCo is opening a second facility mid-2015 which will quintuple capacity, while searching for its next location(s) to continue its growth trajectory.  IntegriCo’s unique processing technology utilizes landfill-bound plastic to create products that outperform others by virtually every measure including the most important —long life in track.  The Company's website is found at

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