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IntegriCo Composites has garnered national and international news coverage through its efforts to reduce plastic waste and create a composite material out of post-consumer plastic. For interview requests or more information, please fill out the Contact Us form. 


IntegriCo Incorporated announces the completion of debt and equity financing in excess of $11M in support of its expansion into Louisiana

Springhill, LA, March 31, 2015 - The collaborative efforts of the State of Louisiana, the US Department of Agriculture, Bank of Montgomery and IntegriCo’s investment partners  including Acadia Woods, JH Whitney Investment Management, Iron Bridge Capital and Chart Venture Partners will make the July 2015 opening of its new facility in Springhill, LA a reality, stated IntegriCo’s CEO, Scott Mack.  Engineering and equipment installation is underway today, managed by the Southland Process group out of Atlanta, GA.

This relocation into Louisiana is the first of several strategic expansions which will occur over the next 18 – 24 months. The Springhill plant will increase IntegriCo’s railroad crosstie capacity to a combined facility production level of 1 Million ties per year.  The new manufacturing plant will also permit IntegriCo to increase production of grade crossings, industrial matting and other key products.  

The Springhill facility is being designed and engineered collaboratively with IntegriCo’s Class 1 railroad (the largest national railroads in North America) customer base and is expected to consume 250M lbs. of recycled plastics otherwise destined for landfills by the end of 2016.  “From Class 1 purchases to United States Military and various metro transit installations, the customer demand is driving this need for rapid expansion,” affirmed Scott Mack.

About IntegriCo

IntegriCo is a composite plastics company creating innovative and sustainable products for a variety of clients and markets.  IntegriCo’s products are manufactured from recycled plastic materials, much of which is destined for landfills.  IntegriCo’s patented technology permits economical, consistent and sustainable production for the transportation, construction, government and energy industries.  IntegriCo is currently producing railway crossties and composite grade crossings within North America as well as delivering product and services internationally.   The company's website is found at

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