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IntegriCo Composites has garnered national and international news coverage through its efforts to reduce plastic waste and create a composite material out of post-consumer plastic. For interview requests or more information, please fill out the Contact Us form. 


Recycler handles hard-to-recycle plastics

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IntegriCo Composites, a Sarepta, Louisianna, manufacturer of railroad ties and construction matting, is promoting its efforts to take in a wider range of hard-to-recycle scrap plastic grades, which it uses to make its finished product. The company estimates it presently recycles more than 80 million pounds of plastics per year to make its IntegriTie railroad ties and matting.

IntegriCo, founded in 2005, processes Nos. 3-7 plastics and mixed rigid plastics (MRP) bales to produce its composite railroad ties. Its patented technology enables the company to mix various recycled plastics together to create composite railroad ties and other related products.

In touting its efforts, IntegriCo says while demand for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) remains strong globally, hard-to-recycle plastics have seen markets dry up, with much of the collected material being disposed of in landfills. IntegriCo says it is not only processing these grades of plastic scrap, but it is doing so in a manner that is environmentally friendly and uses a low-temperature process that preserves the properties of plastic while releasing fewer fumes.

Brian Gaughan, the company’s vice president of business development, says, “IntegriCo is just one company closing the loop to prevent plastic waste by turning recycling plastic into new material that is long-lasting. As cities struggle for recycling solutions, we aim to keep increasing production of composite material, so this plastic does not go into landfills, or worse, our oceans.”

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