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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


IntegriCo’s manufacturing and quality control experts thoroughly inspect and test each delivery of incoming plastic. The plastic mixture is then fed into patented equipment for processing and delivered into molds.

Once removed from the mold, products are inspected, measured, and tested to verify compliance with quality specifications.  IntegriCo’s site and process are AAR M-1003 compliant and use Statistical Process Control (SPC) to ensure that quality is integrated into the design and process of all products.



IntegriCo’s IntegriTies™ have successfully undergone extensive independent performance testing at independent testing facilities including the American Railway Association’s world recognized Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI), in Pueblo, Colorado.


Due Care Testing

In addition to QC and standard testing, IntegriCo has implemented a series of due care tests to simulate potential extreme handling and installation conditions.

Tie Drop

Simulation of worst-case scenario for tie being dropped during unloading from a gondola car and landing across another tie.

Wheel Drop

IntegriTies™ are proven to survive, completely intact, derailments and widely varied installation procedures.

Maintenance Equipment Handling

High Stresses are sometimes developed when a tie is being installed in a maintenance environment.  This is not the case with IntegriTies™, which can handle the impact and stress without crack propagation.  Consistent, proven performance since we began using our new formula in 2009.

Cold Weather Spiking

Tie spiking at 0ºF (-17.7ºC) with a standard 5/8″ cut spike and while not required, pre-drilling a pilot hole prior to inserting cut spikes is recommended. IntegriTies™ Installation Guidelines are available upon request.